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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

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Welcome to the musical mainframe of the Scott David Project!

Scott David is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and poet who performs in the Midwest region of the United American States.  

Currently, Scott plays his original music at smaller venues in Ohio. Also, he plays saxophone for the Cleveland-based "Power Beach Rock" band Cities and Coasts, led by Nathan Hedges.  For more info on Cities & Coasts, check out Show Schedule and www.citiesandcoasts.com!

Scott David Music aims to:
*Perform high quality live shows for a variety of quality clientele and fans
*Write high quality original music that is catchy, fun, and meaningful
*Sustain a reasonable livelihood and healthy collective Life for all parties engaged in the experience

Upon entering scottdavidmusic.com, it is highly recommended that you - he or she who visits this webpage- gain insight as to who and what is the Scott David Music Project.

*For an idea check out the Scott David Philosophy Page.  
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*For photos, audio, and video, see the Photos, Audio, or Video  pages, respectively.  
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