Become the Ocean the Album DEMO Unmastered

Scott David Music

This recording is by Scott David Music at Goldie4Mayor Studios and is Copyrighted 2020 by Scott David and Goldie4Mayor Publishing. It is unmastered and roughly mixed. As progress is made, progress will be made. Ocean Tidal Wave is the zero track of the full album, is the intro track to the entire compendium. There are lots more songs that comprise the entire work. As I finish rough mixes, I will release progress on each song in Soundcloud. The recording itself was created by Scott David performing all instruments and vocal, and is unmastered, unfiltered, one take, with basic vocals to show the musical and lyrical style and depth of the 18 SONG ALBUM! The aim is to raise the funds for recording vocals, mixing, and mastering at a high caliber studio.

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