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The importance of your ear-mind is not to be underestimated. For people like us, it, that is, your capacity to intake musically comprehensible waves and understand English in lyrical form for the experience of a song is so very important. When this ‘music’ is translated into some emotional or semantic reaction from the listener (he or she for whom it was intended) – we have succeeded.

The Scott David Project, started in 2002 and reformulated in 2012, is dedicated to the thought-form mathematical awe-inspiring right brain phenomenon known as original music and lyrics. Scott David Music pays homage to the Magical Ear, the microphone which reads waves into emotion, interprets poetry into passion, and lyric into inspiration.

To the degree to which the spirit of the Scott David Project appreciates your unique Ears, You should feel welcomed. Our music hopes to find a home in your magical Ear, Mind, and Heart. 

This music – all original music is a connection to ancient creative spirits, yanked from oblivion, and reborn into paper cones and magnets into these waves. These waves reach our mind. Sometimes they can repair it. The bards for 1,000 years sing songs of revolution, songs of hope, of change, comfort, religion, knowledge, of love, war, joy, friendship, sorrow, and loss. There is power in this pure creation, in Words.

In a 2013 world, We is drowning in an internet and iPhone screen obsessed culture, where the games are no longer made up or created, rather they are clicked. The narratives are not created – they are programmed. The phone numbers are not known – they are looked up. The stars are not gazed, they are photographed.

Scott David Music believes that The Muses of old had a different idea. Music, one of the Universals is the solution, a preservative for this organic expression, never to be stolen, computerized or dehumanized. John Lennon, Chuck Berry, Bach, David. May they come alive all the souls of a thousand behold, from behind, come across and their Music be told inwards, in words, and then outwards.

The point? Not to be intentionally outlandish or quirky with this Welcome message, but there really is no Scott David person. There is only Scott David Music.

This project is dedicated to the idea that original music and the love for the marriage of Word, Melody, Progression, Chorus, and Harmony can reinvigorate the listener-interpreter as much as the creator. Songs are Message, songs are children, pride, and Mind. These songs are for that unique, undervalued, magical sense, Your Exalted Ear.

There was a point that the following became true with regard to commercial music: Music makes Money.

Let’s not lie. We want the world to hear and love our tunes. We would love the rock star dream realized….however:

At Scott David Music, we strive to:
-Perform high quality live shows
-Write high quality original music
-Sustain a reasonable livelihood

Thanks for reading –
-Scott D.



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